The NIDA, NDIS and Tender Hearts are aware of personal information and the importance of accessibility to this information while keeping it secure and ensuring its integrity. For this purpose, the NDIA has announced the launch of its new Participant Information Access effort which will enable better communication between involved parties, participants and the related organizations.

Any information being hosted by the NIDS for a patient, participant or member will be accessible via this initiative with much more flexibility and regulations making sure authorized third-parties can also have access to vital information without compromising an individual’s rights to privacy.

The information can be requested for purposes of:

  1. Reviewing information, plan and access information
  2. Plan strategy and the metrics according to which a plan was developed
  3. Documentation including medical reports provided to NDIS

Note: Due to the nature of the work, the NDIS will aim to entertain all enquiries within 2 weeks however, it will never take longer than 28 days.

For further information, please visit the NDIS Participant Information Access page.